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h a List of Officers and Members. 

FEBRUARY 1, 1890. 





/ 1 **N 






With a List of Officers and Members. 

FEBRUARY 1, 1890. 





February I, 1890. 

J. K. McCammon. 

J. M. Browne. 

William C. Winlock. 

W. A. DeCaindry. 

G. Brown Goode, 

J. R. Eastman, 

G. K. Gilbert. 


Henry Gannett, Chairman. 
H. W. Henshaw, J. H. Bryan, Richard Rathbun, 

Secretary. R. T. Edes, H. C. Swain, 

H. H. Bates, J. C. Hornblower, O. H. Tittmann, 

Rogers Birnie, W. H. Phillips, C. D. Walcott. 


W. M. Poindexter, Chairman. 
J. M. Flint, T. M. Chatard. 


Wm. Lee, Chairman. 
J. F. Head, John Murdoch. 


A. G. Heaton, Chairman. 
J. R. Marshall, W. H. Holmes. 


Organized Nov. 

16, 1878. 


J. W. POWELL, - - - - 





S. F. BAIRD, - - ■ - 




J. C. WELLING, - - - 




J. W. POWELL, - - - 













WM. HARKNESS, - - - 









J. S. BILLINGS, - - - 




J. S. BILLINGS, - - - 




H. C. YARROW, - - - 




C. E. DUTTON, - - - 




J K. McCAMMON, - - 










This is to certify, that we whose names are here- 
unto subscribed, citizens of the United States, and 
a majority of whom are citizens of the District of 
Columbia, have associated ourselves together, pur- 
suant to the provisions of sections 545 to 552, inclu- 
sive, of the Revised Statutes of the United States 
relative to the District of Columbia, under the cor- 
porate name of the " Cosmos Club." 

The particular objects and business of this associa- 
tion are the advancement of its members in science, 
literature, and art, their mutual improvement by 
social intercourse, the acquisition and maintenance 
of a library, and the collection and care of materials 
and appliances relating to the above objects, under 
the restrictions and regulations established in its 


The affairs, funds, and property of the corpora- 
tion shall be in the general charge of a Board of 
Management, the number of whose members, for 
the first year, shall be seven, consisting of a Presi- 
dent, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 
three Trustees, all of whom shall be chosen by 
ballot from among the members at their annual 
meeting. Other officers and standing committees, 
with their duties and the term and manner of their 
election and appointment, shall be provided for in 
the By-Laws. 

Witness our hands and seals, this thirteenth day 
of December, A. D. 1878. 

J. W. POWELL. [l. s ] 


JAMES C. WELLING. [l. s.] 

THEO GILL. [l. s] 


W. M. MEW. [l. s.] 

F. M. ENDLICH. [l. s.] 



WM. HARKNESS. [l s ] 

By certificate dated April 5, 1886, the Club ac- 
cepted and availed itself of the provisions of an act 
of Congress entitled "An act to amend the Revised 
Statutes of the United States relating to the District 
of Columbia and for other purposes," approved 
April 23d, 1884. 



Section i. This Club shall be composed of per- 
sons interested in science, literature, or art. 

Sec. 2. Whenever in these By-Laws the word 
Club is mentioned it shall be taken to mean the 
corporation, and the word member or members of 
the Club shall mean member or members of the 

Of the Officers. 

Section i. The officers shall be a President, a 
Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and three 
Managers, who, together, shall constitute a Board 
of Management. 

The officers shall be chosen at each annual meet- 
ing by ballot, and shall continue in office until the 
next annual meeting, or until their successors are 

Any vacancy in an office shall be filled for the 
residue of the term by election by the Board of 

Sec. 2. The President shall preside at the meet- 
ings of the Club; he shall also be Chairman of the 
Board of Management ; he shall, with the Secretary, 
sign all written contracts and obligations of the 
Club and attest its corporate seal, and he shall per- 
form such other duties as the Board of Management 
may assign to him. 

The Vice-President, or, in his absence, the Secre- 
retary, shall discharge the duties of the President in 
case of the absence of the latter or during a vacancy 
in his office. 

Sec. 3. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all 
meetings of the Club and of the Board of Manage- 
ment; shall notify members of their election, issue 
notices for all meetings of the Club, and conduct 
the correspondence and keep the records; which 
records and correspondence shall be open to the in- 
spection of members at all reasonable times. 

Sec. 4. The Treasurer shall collect and, under the 
direction of the Board of Management, disburse the 
funds. He shall report at each annual meeting, and 
oftener if required, on the state of the funds. His 
accounts shall be audited by a committee of three, 
appointed or elected at the monthly meeting of the 
Club next previous to the annual meeting. 

Sec. 5. Any officer may be removed for cause, 
at any stated meeting of the Club, by a vote of 
three-fourths of the members present, after two 
weeks' notice to him of the proposed action accom- 
panied with a statement of the charges preferred; 

and a copy of such charges shall also be furnished, 
at the same time, to the Board of Management if 
they have not originated in the Board. The Board 
of Management shall have power to suspend from 
the exercise of his office an officer against whom 
charges have been made, pending the action of the 
Club upon those charges. 


Of the Powers of the Club at its Meetings. 

Section i. All the corporate powers remain vested 
in the Club, and they may be exercised at any. stated 
or special meeting subject to the restrictions con- 
tained in the By-Laws. 

Sec. 2. No resolution making any disposition by 
way of sale, lease, or mortgage of any of the prop- 
erty of the Club, or whereby an expenditure of more 
than one hundred dollars is or may be caused, shall 
be passed except at a stated or special meeting at 
which at least twenty-four members shall be present 
and two-thirds of those present shall vote in favor 
thereof, nor until the resolution shall have been re- 
ferred to and considered by the Board of Manage- 
ment and they shall have reported their opinion 
thereon, which report shall be made at the stated 
meeting next after the reference, or at a special 
meeting called for the purpose. 

Of the Board of Management. 

Section i. The Board of Management shall have 
general charge of the affairs, funds, and property of 
the Club. It shall be their duty to carry out the ob- 
jects and purposes thereof; and to this end they may 
exercise all the powers of the Club, subject to the 
By-Laws and to such action as the Club may take 
at its stated or special meetings. 

Sec. 2. The Board shall have regular meetings as 
often as once in each month, and they shall submit 
a report of the affairs of the Club at each annual 
meeting, and shall report at other times if re- 

Sec. 3. The Board of Management shall exercise 
the right, at their discretion, of inviting strangers 
distinguished in science, literature, or the arts, who 
may visit the city, to partake of the privileges of the 
Club during their stay. 

Sec. 4. The Board of Management shall have 
power to admit men of science and letters, members 
of the learned professions, and officers of the Army 
and Navy, who may be temporary residents of Wash- 
ington, to the privileges of the Club for a period of 
not less than three months, nor to exceed one year. 
Such persons shall pay at the rate of thirty dollars 
per annum, but shall not be required to pay any en- 
trance fee, and shall have no vote. The names of 
candidates for such privileges shall be recommended 


to the Board of Management in writing by two or 
more resident members of the Club, and these priv- 
ileges shall in each case be terminable at the discre- 
tion of the Board of Management. 

Sec. 5. The Board of Management shall have the 
power to remit the dues of any member, for such 
cause and for such period as in their judgment may 
be advisable and proper. 

Sec. 6. No book, journal, paper, picture, statue, 
or other property of the Club shall be taken from 
the Club-House under any pretext whatever, except 
by authorization of the Board of Management ex- 
pressed in writing. 


Of Standing Committees and their Duties 

Section i. Committee on Admissions. — There shall 
be a Committee on Admissions, consisting of twelve 
members, who shall be chosen by ballot at the an- 
nual meeting, and shall hold office until their suc- 
cessors shall be elected. Vacancies by death or 
otherwise may be filled by the Committee for the 
residue of the term. They shall fix their own time 
and place of meeting. Seven members shall consti- 
tute a quorum. 

They may invite and shall receive and consider 
all communications in reference to the persons pro- 
posed for membership, shall make careful examina- 
tion as to their qualifications, and shall select names 

from the list by a written ballot, each member writ- 
ing on his ballot those names which, in his judg- 
ment, should be selected. Those names which 
appear on two-thirds of the ballots shall then be 
balloted for separately, and such as do not receive 
at least two negative votes shall be recommended. 
The proceedings of the Committee shall be secret 
and all information confidential. 

Sec. 2. Other Standi?ig Committees. — There shall 
be a House Committee, a Committee on the Library, 
and a Committee on Art and Decoration, each com- 
posed of three members. The members of those 
committees shall be elected by the Board of Manage- 
ment at the first meeting of that Board subsequent 
to the annual meeting of the Club. 

Sec 3. The House Committee shall have the 
charge of furnishing supplies, employing stewards 
and servants, keeping the Club-House and grounds 
in order, and enforcing the By-Laws as to admission 
of visitors. 

Sec. 4. The Committee on the Library shall have 
charge of the library and of the supply of literary 
works, periodicals, and newspapers. They shall 
keep a catalogue of the books belonging to the Club, 
and shall record therein with every such work the 
time of its purchase or presentation. 

Sec. 5. The Committee on Art and Decoration 
shall have charge of all art exhibitions in the Club- 
House, and shall make recommendations to the 
Board of Management concerning the decoration of 


the House and the promotion of art in the Club. 
All propositions relating to these subjects shall be 
referred to this Committee for advice and report. 

Sec. 6. The expenditures of the standing com- 
mittees, and of such other committees as the Board 
of Management may find it necessary to appoint, 
shall be limited to such sums as the Board of Man- 
agement shall appropriate, and their accounts shall 
be kept and audited in such manner as that Board 
shall prescribe. 

Sec. 7. Each standing committee shall, after its 
election, hold a meeting at the call of the Secretary 
of the Club, and shall then elect its chairman. 

.Sec. 8. Vacancies in any of the committees, ex- 
cept the Committee on Admission, shall be filled 
for the residue of the term by election by the Board 
of Management. 


Of the Members. 

Section i. Members residing in the District of 
Columbia more than three months in the year shall 
be classed as resident, others as non-resident. Each 
proposal of a person for membership shall indicate, 
and each recommendation of the Committee on Ad- 
missions shall report, his status as resident or non- 
resident. The Board of Management shall change 
the status of members in accordance with the facts 
as they may arise. 


Sec. 2. The number of resident members is lim- 
ited to three hundred. 

New members maybe elected only at stated meet- 
ings, and not more than ten resident members shall 
be elected at any one such meeting. 

Sec. 3. No person shall be admitted to member- 
ship in the Club unless he shall have been recom- 
mended by the Committee on Admissions on the 
proposal of some member not belonging to that 
Committee, such proposal to be accompanied by a 
letter setting forth the qualifications and fitness of 
the candidate for membership. 

The name of every person proposed for admis- 
sion, with his residence and local address, and the 
name of the member proposing him, shall be first 
posted by the latter on the bulletin-board provided 
for that purpose for at least fifteen days, and then 
be acted upon by the Committee. 

At every stated meeting of the Club the Commit- 
tee shall report the names of persons recommended 
for admission, and the Club shall then proceed to 
vote by ballot separately upon the names so recom- 
mended. Negative votes to the number of one-fifth 
of those cast or to the number of ten or more, shall 
exclude from membership the person in respect to 
whom the vote is taken ; and no person so excluded 
shall be eligible for twelve months thereafter. 

Sec. 4. An entrance fee of fifty dollars shall be 
paid by each new member. Such payment shall be 
made within thirty days after notice in writing of his 


election ; and in default thereof he shall be deemed 
to have declined membership, and his name shall be 
omitted from the roll of members. 

Sec. 5. The annual dues of resident members shall 
be thirty-five dollars, payable in advance, one-half 
on the first day of January, and one-half on the first 
day of July of each year; and the annual dues of 
non-resident members shall be fifteen dollars, pay- 
able in advance on the first day of January. 

When the dues of any member shall remain un- 
paid for the space of three months, the Treasurer 
shall cause him to be notified that unless the same 
be paid within one month thereafter his member- 
ship will cease; and in case such dues shall not be 
paid pursuant to such notice, unless such default be 
satisfactorily accounted for to the Board of Manage- 
ment, he shall thereupon cease to be a member. 

Sec. 6. When a member is elected on or after the 
April meeting of any year, his dues shall be charged 
for the remainder of the year at the rate of three 
dollars per month for resident members and at the 
rate of one dollar and twenty-five cents per month 
for non resident members. 

Sec. 7. Any member may be suspended or ex- 
pelled for violation of the By-Laws, or for any 
offence or misconduct which may be deemed suffi- 
cient to warrant such suspension or expulsion, by a 
vote, at a stated meeting, of three-fourths of the 
members present, one-month's previous notice of 
the proposed action having been given to the mem- 


ber charged, together with a copy of the charges and 
specifications hereinafter provided for. Any mem- 
ber desiring to prefer charges against another mem- 
ber shall send a written statement of the same to the 
Board of Management, and it shall be the duty of the 
Board, if due investigation by them shall so war- 
rant, to report such member to the Club, with 
charges and specifications, for action under this sec- 
tion. The Board shall have power to suspend such 
member temporarily from all the privileges of mem- 
bership pending the action of the Club upon the 
charges against him. 

Sec. 8. No account shall be kept with members. 
If any debt shall be contracted by any member in 
violation of this section, it shall be the duty of the 
House Committee to report the same to the Board 
of Management within ten days. 

Any member neglecting for twenty days to com- 
ply with a written notice sent to him by post from 
the Board of Management, to discharge such debt, 
a similar notice having also been deposited, ad- 
dressed to him, in the letter box of the Club, shall 
cease to be a member, unless such default shall be 
satisfactorily accounted for to the Board of Man- 

Sec. 9. A suggestion-book shall be kept in the 
Library, in which every member is authorized to 
enter, with his signature, any complaint as to the 
management of the Club, and any suggestions he 
may desire to make. 

l 9 

Sec. io. A list of the members, officers, and com- 
mittees shall be kept posted in the hall of the Club- 
House, and such list shall be corrected under the 
direction of the Treasurer and Secretary as changes 

Of Meetings. 

Section i. The stated meetings of the Club shall 
be annual and monthly. 

Sec. 2. An annual meeting of the Club for the 
election of officers and other business shall be held 
on the second Monday of January of each year, at 
8 P. M. 

Sec. 3. There shall be monthly meetings of the 
Club for the election of members and other busi- 
ness. They shall be held on the first Monday ot 
each month, except January, July, August, and Sep- 
tember. The meetings shall commence at 8 P. M. 

Sec. 4. Special meetings may be called by the 
Board of Managers, and they shall call a meeting 
at any convenient time on the written request of five 
members, which request shall specify the object of 
the meeting; but no business shall be transacted at 
a special meeting except that indicated in the call. 

Sec. 5. The number of members necessary to 
constitute a quorum at an annual meeting shall be 
twenty-five, and at a monthly or special meeting 
shall be eighteen. 


Of Visitors. 

Section i. A member may personally introduce 
visitors to the Club-House, in which case their names 
and that of the member introducing them must be 
entered in a book to be kept for the purpose. This 
privilege is limited to two introductions by the same 
member on any one day', unless extended by consent 
of the Board of Management, and it may be sus- 
pended by that Board at its discretion, with regard 
to any individual member or visitor, in which case 
a notice in writing signed by the Secretary shall be 
addressed to such member. No visitor shall be 
present in the assembly room during a stated or 
special meeting of the Club. 

Sec. 2. Ladies shall not be introduced into the 
Club-House except upon such occasions as the Board 
of Management shall authorize, and when notice 
of the permission shall have been posted upon the 
bulletin-board for the information of members ; but 
this section shall not apply to the meetings of scien- 
tific societies in the assembly room. 


Of Amendments. 

Section i. No alteration or amendment of these 
By-Laws shall be made unless the same shall be 

proposed at a stated meeting, nor unless, after being 
posted on the bulletin-board for at least four weeks, 
it shall be finally adopted at a subsequent stated 
or special meeting by the votes of two-thirds of the 
members present : Provided, That at least twenty 
votes shall be cast in favor of the amendment. 


Admittance to the Club-rooms cannot be claimed 
between i and 9 o'clock A. M. 


No refreshments will be served in the Library, 
nor will smoking be allowed in that room. 

Members will not be admitted into the steward's 
room at any time. 


No servant is to be sent out of the building in any 
case, except by a member of the House Committee; 
nor shall a fee be given to a servant on any pretence 


Price-lists will be found on the tables in the par- 
lors, and all bills must be settled at once. A check 
for the cash paid to the steward must be deposited 
in the House Committee's box. 


Dogs will not be allowed in the house. 


Bicycles must be placed within the gate. 



S. T. ABERT(Apr. 3, '82), 

No. 1907 Pennsylvania Ave. 


GEO. N. ACKER (Apr. 2, '83), 

No. 1403 New York Ave. 


HENRY ADAMS (Founder), 

No. 1603 H St. 


E. F. ANDREWS (Mar. 7, '87), 

No. 1232 Sixteenth St. 


W. E. ANNIN (Mar. 5, '88), 

No. 2209 Washington Circle. 

Prof. W. O. ATWATER (Mar. 4, '89), 

Department of Agriculture. 


FRANK BAKER (June 5, '82), 

Life-Saving Service. 


MARCUS BAKER (Dec. 1, '84), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 


J. C. BANCROFT (Jan. 13, '90), 

No. 1623 H St. 


E. C BARNARD (Feb. 4, '89), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 


. Dr. W. A. BARTLETT (Feb. 7, '87), 

No. 1200 K St. 


CARL BARUS (Jan. 12, >8$), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 


HENRY H. BATES (Feb. 1, '86), 

The Portland. 


TARLETON H. BEAN (Dec. 3, '83), 

National Museum. 



Mr. W. H. BECK (Feb. 2, '85), 

No. 1536 I St. 
Dr. G. F. BECKER (Jan. 13, '90), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 
Prof. A. GRAHAM BELL (Jan. 12, '80), 

No. 1336 Nineteenth St. 

Mr. CHAS. J. BELL (Jan. 8, '83), 

No. 1328 Nineteenth St. 

Capt. CHARLES BENDIRE, U.S.A. (June 4, '88), 
Smithsonian Institution. 

Dr. J. S. BILLINGS, U. S. A. (Founder), 

Army Medical Museum. 

Capt. ROGERS BIRNIE, U. S A. (Dec. 6, '86), 

Ordnance Office. 
Mr. J. M. BONIIAM (Dec. 6, '86), 

Cosmos Club. 

Capt C. O. BOUTELLE (Dec. 5, '87), 

U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 

Mr. WILLIAM BROUGH (Feb. 1, '86), 

Sun Building. 

Mr. CHAPIN BROWN (Dec. 6, '86), 

No. 323 Four-and-a-half St. 
Mr. GLENN BROWN (Jan. 9, '88), 

No. 939 F Street. 

Dr J. M. BROWNE (Nov. 5, '83), 

Surgeon General, U. S. N. The Portland. 
Dr. J. H. BRYAN (Jan. 14, '84), 

No. 1644 Connecticut Ave. 

Mr. BARRY BULKLEY (Jan. 9, '88), 

No. 805 Twelfth St. 

Dr. J. W. BULKLEY (Tan. 10, 87), 

No. 805 Twelfth St. 

Dr. S. M. BURNETT r June 2, '79), 

No. 1770 Mass. Ave. 



Z. T. CARPENTER (May 3, '86), 

Lock-Box 387. 


H. A. P. CARTER (May 7, '83), 

No. 1313 New Hampshire Ave. 


T. M. CHATARD (Jan. 14, '84), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 


A. HOWARD CLARK (Dec. 2, '89), 

National Museum. 

Prof. F. W. CLARKE (May 7, '83), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 



Bureau of Education. 


B. A. COLONNA (Nov. 7, '81). 

U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 


W. V. COX (Jan. 10, '87), 

National Museum. 


C. A. CRAMPTON (Mar. 5, '88), 

Department of Agriculture. 


WHITMAN CROSS (Nov. 5, '88; 

U. S. Geological Survey. 


G. E. CURTIS (Dec. 2, '89), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 


W. E. CURTIS (Dec. 6, '86;, 

No. 1424 Q^ St. 


W T M. H. DALL (May 2, '87), 

Smithsonian Institution. 


. J. J. DANA, U. S. A. (Jan. 10, '87), 

No. 1913 I St. 


CHAS. C. DARWIN (Dec. 4, '82), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 


No. 1621 H St. 


D. T. DAY (Nov. 4, '89), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 


Mr. W. A. DeCAINDRY (Dec. 6, '86), 

Office of Commissary General. 
Mr. J. S. DILLER (Dec. 7, '85), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 
Capt. C. E. DUTTON, U. S. A. (Founder), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 
Prof. J. R. EASTMAN, U. S. N. (Founder), 

Naval Observatory. 
Mr. EDWARD D. EASTON (May 7, '83) 

No. 472 Louisiana Ave. 
Dr. R. T. EADES (Dec. 6, '86), 

No. 1214 Eighteenth St. 
Mr. S. F. EMMONS (Mar. 6, '82), 

P. O. Box 591. 
Dr. W. W. EVANS (Dec. 4. '82), 

No. 1756 M St. 
Mr. H. SIDNEY EVERETT (Feb. 7, '87), 

Department of State. 
Mr. EDWARD FARQUHAR (Nov. 5, '88), 

Patent Office Library. 
Prof. G. N. FELLOWS (Nov. 4, '89), 

No. 1504 Vermont Ave. 
Mr. B. E. FERNOW (Feb. 7, '87), 

Department of Agriculture. 


U. S. Army Medical Museum. 
Dr. J. M. FLINT, U. S. N. (Oct. 4, '80), 

The Portland. 
Hon. J. W. FOSTER fjan. 14, '89), 

No. 1405 I St. 

Mr. DUANE E. FOX (Mar. 1, '86), 

No. 1940 Fifteenth St. 

Mr. R. C. FOX (Mar. i ; '86), 

No. 1437 Pennsylvania Ave. 

2 9 

Dr. W. H. FOX (Dec. 3, '88), 

No. 1826 Jefferson Place. 
Prof. E. T. FRISTOE (Apr. 2, '83), 

Columbian University. 
Mr. HENRY GANNETT (Founder), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 
Mr. G. K. GILBERT (Founder), 

P. O. Box 591. 
Dr. THEO. GILL (Founder), 

Smithsonian Institution. 
Mr. C C GLOVER (Nov. 7, 87), 

No. 20 Lafayette Square. 
Mr. WM. H. GODDARD (Feb. 4, '84), 

No. 1630 Connecticut Ave. 
Mr. G. BROWN GOODE (Oct. 3, '81), 

Smithsonian Institution. 
Mr. R. U. GOODE (Mar. 1, '86), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 

U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 
Prof. J. HOWARD GORE (Nov. 5, '83). 

Columbian University. 
Mr. Justice GRAY (Apr. 3, '82), 

No. 1601 I St. 
Mr. W. BRUCE GRAY (Jan. 10, '87), 

No. 1318 Nineteenth St. 
Gen. A. W. GREELY, U. S. A. (Jan. 10, '87), 

U. S. Army Signal Office. 
Dr. C. R. GREENLEAF, U. S. A. (Dec. 2, '89), 
Surgeon General's Office, U. S. A. 
Mr. W. T. GRISWOLD (Mar. 2, '85), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 
Dr. F. M. GUNNELL, U. S. N. (Founder), 

No. 600 20th St. 


Mr. F. W. HACKETT(Jan. 14, '89), 

No. 1418 M Street. 
Judge A. B. HAGNER (Dec. 7, '83). 

No. 1S18 H St. 
Mr. ARNOLD HAGUE (Dec. 1, '84), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 

Prof. WM. HARKNESS, U. S. N. (Founder), 

Naval Observatory. 
Hon. J. R. HAWLEY (Jan. 10, '87), 

U. S. Senate. 
Ensign EVERETT HAYDEN, U. S. N. (Feb. 2/85). 

Hydrographic Office. 
Mr. F. D. HEAD (Mar. 1, , S6), 

No. 2015 R St. 
Col. J. F. HEAD, U. S. A. (Jan. 12, '85), 

No. 2015 R St. 
Mr. A. G. HEATON (Dec. 6, '86), 

No. 1618 Seventeenth St. 

Mr. H. W. HENSHAW (Founder), 

Bureau of Ethnology. 

Mr. CHAS. S. HILL (Mar. 1, '80), 

Department of State. 

Prof. H. L. HODGKINS (Nov. 2, '85), 

Columbian University. 

Dr. A. A. HOEHLING, U. S. N. (Nov. 5, '88), 

No. 1355 Corcoran St. 

Mr. HERMAN HOLLERITH (Mar. 1, '86), 

Room No. 40, Atlantic Building. 
Mr. W. H. HOLMES (Founder), 

Bureau of Ethnology. 

Mr. WM. T. HORNADAY (June 4, '88), 

Le Droit Park. 

Mr. J. C. HORNBLOWER (Feb. 5, '83), 

No. 1402 M St. 



L. O. HOWARD (Apr. 5, '86), 

Department of Agriculture. 


GARDINER G. HUBBARD (Feb. 5, '83), 

No. 132S Connecticut Ave. 


EDMUND HUDSON ( Jan. 10, '87), 

No. 1706 M St. 


DAVID HUTCHESON (Feb. 6, '82), 

Library of Congress. 


J. P. IDDINGS (Jan. 1-2, '85), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 


A. B. JOHNSON (Oct. 3, '8i), 

Light-House Board. 


J. TABER JOHNSON (Dec. 4, '82), 

No. 926 Seventeenth St. 


W. W. JOHNSTON (Nov. 3, '79), 

No. 1603 K St. 


S. H. KAUFFMANN (Apr. 4, '81) 

No. 1421 Massachusetts Ave. 


JAMES KERR (Apr. 2, '8S), 

No. 1816 Seventeenth St. 


S. I. KIMBALL (Jan. 10, '87), 

No. 511 Maple Ave. 


A. F. A. KING (Apr. 5, '80), 

No. 726 Thirteenth St. 


F. J. KNIGHT (Mar. 1, '86), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 


G. M. KOBER (June 3, '89), 

No. 1819^ St. 


S. P. LANGLEY (Jan. 12, "So), 

Smithsonian Institution. 


WILLIAM LEE (Founder), 

No. 2111 Pennsylvania Ave. 


L. Z. LEITER(Jan. 8, '83), 

No. 1500 Twentieth St. 

3 2 

Mr. FRANCIS E. LEUPP (Dec. 7, '85), 

No. 1813 Sixteenth St. 
Dr. N. S. LINCOLN (Founder), 

No. 1514 H St. 
Mr. ROBERT B. LINES (May 4 '85), 

No. 622 F St. 
Mr. GEORGE M. LOCKWOOD (May 3, 'So), 

No. 1304 F St. 
Mr. ANDREW McCALLUM (June 4, '88), 

No. 614 F St. 
Gen. J. K. McCAMMON (Oct. 4, 'So), 

No. 1420 F St. 
Col. MARSHALL McDONALD (Jan. 14, '84), 

U. S. Fish Commission. 
Mr. J. J. McELHONE (Jan. 10, '81), 

No. 13 18 Vermont Ave. 
Mr. W J McGEE (Jan. 14, '85), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 
Mr. F. B. McGUIRE (Dec. 6, '86), 

No. 1416 F St. 
Dr. J. CLARK McGUIRE (Mar. 4, '89), 

No. 1732 Massachusetts Ave. 
Mr. D. R. McKEE (Mar. 7, '81), 

No. 71 Corcoran Building. 
Hon. ARTHUR McARTHUR (Feb. 6, '88), 

No. 1 201 N St. 
Col. GARRICK MALLERY, U. S. A. (Founder), 

No. 1323 N St. 
Mr. CHAS. A. MANN (March 7, '87), 

No. 2009 I St. 
Mr. PARKER MANN (June 6, '87), 

No. 2022 Hillyer Place. 
Mr. H. L. MARINDIN (Jan. 11, '86), 

U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 


Mr. J. RUSH MARSHALL (Nov. 5, '83), 

No. 1010 Eleventh St. 

Mr. JOSEPH B. MARVIN (June 6, '87), 

Patent Office. 

Prof. OTIS T. MASON (Founder), 

No. 1305 Q^ St. 


(June 2, '84), 

Army Medical Museum. 

Dr. W. H. MELVILLE (Jan. 13, '90), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 

Prof. T. C. MENDENHALL (Feb. 2, '85) 

U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 

Dr. C. HART MERRIAM (Nov. 1, '86), 

Department of Agriculture. 
Dr. W. M. MEW (FounderJ, 

Army Medical Museum. 
Mr. COSMOS MINDELEFF (June 6, '87), 

Bureau of Ethnology. 
Mr. VICTOR MINDELEFF (May 7, '88), 

Bureau of Ethnology. 
Gen. JOHN MOORE (Jan. 10, '87), 

Surgeon General U. S. Army. 
Hon. J. B. MOORE (Apr. 4, '87), 

Department of State. 
Dr. E. CARROLL MORGAN (Apr. 5, '80;, 

No. 918 E St. 
Mr. A. T. MOSMAN (Nov. 4, '89), 

U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 
Mr. C. A. MUNN (Jan. 13, '90), 

No. 1601 Massachusetts Ave. 
Mr. JOHN MURDOCH (Feb. 6, '88), 

Smithsonian Institution. 



P. J. MURPHY (June 7, '80), 

Columbia Hospital. 

Prof. S. NEWCOMB, U. S. N. (Oct. 4, '80), 

No. 1620 P St. 


F. H. NEWELL (Jan. 13, '90), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 


CHAS. NORDHOFF (May 7, '88), 

No. 1732 K St. 

Judge CHAS. C. NOTT (Feb. 7, '87) , 

No. 826 Connecticut Ave. 


CROSBY S. NOYES (May 5, '84), 

No. noi Penn. Ave. 


T. W. NOYES (Nov. 7, '87), 

No. 1101 Penn. Ave. 


H. G. OGDEN (Dec. 3, '89), 

U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 


r. J. H. OUTHWAITE, M. C. (Feb. 1, '86), 

No. 4 Dupont Circle, or Columbus, Ohio. 


A. C PEALE(Oct. 1, '83), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 


H. E. PELLEW (April 4, '87), 

No. 1637 Mass. Ave. 


E. T. PERKINS, Jr. (Feb. 4, '89), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 

W. J. PETERS (Feb. 4, '89) 

U. S. Geological Survey. 


W. H. PHILLIPS (Nov. 1, '86), 

No. 1707 H St. 
JOSIAH PIERCE, Jr. (Dec. 2, '89), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 

J. C. PILLING r June 2, '79), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 


W. M. POINDEXTER (Oct. 1, '83), 

No. 1837 M St. 


Major J. W. POWELL (Founder), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 

Mr. W. B. POWELL (Mar. i, '86), 

No. 1213 Q^ St. 
Dr. D. W. PRENTISS (Apr. 5, '80), 

No. 1101 Fourteenth St. 
Mr. E. D. PRESTON (Dec. 3, '88), 

U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 
Mr. RICHARD RATHBUN (Dec. 3, '83), 

National Museum. 

Mr. J. H. RENSHAWE (June 7, '8o), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 
Gen. J. J. REYNOLDS, U. S. A. (June 7, '86), 

No. 1601 S St. 
Mr. EDGAR RICHARDS (Mar. 1, '86), 

No. 1621 H St. 
Mr. E. FRANCIS RIGGS (Apr. 5, '86), 

No. 131 1 Massachusetts Ave. 
Prof. C. V. RILEY (Founder), 

No. 1700 Thirteenth St. 
Gen. B. H. ROBERTSON (Oct. 4, '86), 

No. 1515 H St. 
Mr. HENRY G. ROGERS (Feb. 4, '84), 

Atlantic Building. 
Mr. THOMAS RUSSELL (Mar. 3, '86), 

No. 1344 Wallach Place. 
Mr. D. E. SALMON (Mar. 3, '84), 

Department of Agriculture. 
Mr. A. T. SALTER (Apr. 1, '89), 

No. 1824 I St. 
Mr. JOHN SAVARY (Apr. 6, '85), 

Library of Congress. 
Gen. RUFUS SAXTON, U. S. A. (May 6, '89), 

No. 1323 K St. 


Mr. E. A. SCHWARZ (May 6, '89), 

Department of Agriculture. 
Mr. W. H. SEAMAN (Jan. 10, '87), 

No. 1424 Eleventh St. 
Mr. H. A. SEYMOUR (Dec. 4, '82), 

No. 913 F St. 
Rear Admiral R. W. SHUFELDT, U. S. N. 
(Nov. 4, '89), 

No. 1 137 Seventeenth St. 
Mr. T. W. SIDWELL ( Jan. 13, 90), 

No. 1811 I St. 
Mr. C. W. SMILEY (Nov. 7, '87), 

U. S. Fish Commission. 
Mr. T. W. SMILLIE (June 4, '88), 

National Museum. 
Mr. WM. TAYLOE SNYDER (Nov. 5, '88), 

No. 1317 Nineteenth St. 
Mr. G. L. SPENCER (May 4, '85), 

* Department of Agriculture. 

Dr. J. O. STANTON (Jan. 10, '81), 

No. 1344 G St. 
Mr. ROBERT STEAD (June 4, '88), 

No. 1208 K St. 
Mr. R. E. C. STEARNS (Dec. 1, '84), 

National Museum. 
Dr. H. N. STOKES (Dec. 2, '89), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 
Mr. HENRY STRONG (Dec. 1, '86), 

No. 1535 L St. 
Mr. H. C. SWAIN (Jan. 10, '87), 

No. 1415 G St. 
Mr. RUFUS H. THAYER (Dec. 7, '85). 

No. 1010 Eleventh St. 
Mr. A. H. THOMPSON (Oct. 4, '82), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 


Dr. J. FORD THOMPSON (Nov. 7, '81), 

No. 804 Seventeenth St. 

Mr. LYMAN TIFFANY (Dec. 6, '86), 

No. 1705 Connecticut Ave. 
Mr. O. H. TITTMANN (Dec. 1, '84), 

U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 
Dr. J. M. TONER (Founder), 

No. 615 Louisiana Ave. 
Mr. C. D. TOWS (Mar. 7, '87), 

No. 1326 Nineteenth St. 
Mr. F. W. TRUE (Apr. 3, '82), 

National Museum. 
Mr. LUCIUS TUCKERMAN (Dec. 5, '87), 

No. 1600 I St. 
Mr. J. B. F. TUPPER (Nov. 7, '87), 

No. 1320 Nineteenth St. 
Mr. FRANK TWEEDY (Mar. 2, '85), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 
Mr. H. K. VIELE (May 2, '87), 

No. 1722 Connecticut Ave. 
Prof. E. A. Von SCHWEINITZ (Jan. 14, '89), 

Department of Agriculture. 
Mr. C. D. WALCOTT (June 4, '83), 

No. 410 Maple Ave. 
Mr. LESTER F. WARD (Founder), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 
Mr. SAMUEL G. WARD (Mar. 7, '87), 

No. 1608 K St. 
Mr. B. H. WARDER (Apr. 2, '88), 

No. 1515 K St. 

Mr. S. R. WARREN (May 3, '80), 

No. 513 Sixth St. 

Mr. J. ELFRETH WATKINS (Mar. 5, '88), 

National Museum. 


Mr. H. R. WEBB (Jan. 10, '87), 

No. 1800 F St. 
Hon. WM. B. WEBB (Jan. 10, '87), 

No. 1800 F St. 

Mr. WALTER H. WEED (Mar. 7, '87), 

U. S Geological Survey. 
Dr. J. C WELLING (Founder), 

No. 1302 Connecticut Ave. 
Hon. SAMUEL E. WHEATLEY (June 6, '87), 

No. 1314 Thirtieth St. 
Dr. C. A. WHITE (Dec. 4, '82), 

LeDroit Park. 
Mr. W. C. WHITTEMORE (June 6, '87;, 

No. 1300 Seventeenth St. 
Prof. H. W. WILEY (Oct. 1, '83), 

Department of Agriculture. 
Hon. EDWIN WILLETS (June 3, '89), 

Department of Agriculture. 
Mr. THOMAS WILSON (Mar. 7, '87), 

No. 1218 Connecticut Ave. 
Mr. W. C. WINLOCK (Nov. 1, 'So), 

Smithsonian Institution. 
Dr. T. W. WISE (Dec. 6, '86), 

Army Medical Museum. 

Mr. R. S. WOODWARD (Dec. 1, '85), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 
Dr. J. L. WORTMAN (Apr. 5, '86), 

Army ~ 
Dr. WALTER WYMAN (May 6,' 89), 

Marine Hospital Service. 
Dr. H. C. YARROW (Founder), 

No. 814 Seventeenth St. 
Prof. CHAS. B. YOUNG (Mar. 1, '80), 

No. 914 Fourteenth St. 


Prof. H. C. ADAMS (Apr. i, '89), 

Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Dr. NEWTON L. BATES, U. S. N. (May 5, '84), 

No. 283 Henry St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Mr. J. B. BAYLOR (Dec. 1, '79), 

Milford, Caroline Co., Va. 
Comdr. J. R. BARTLETT U. S. N. (Mar. 1, '86), 

Navy Department. 

Mr. JULIUS BIEN (May 4, '85), 

New York City. 
Prof. H. CARRINGTON BOLTON (Feb. 6, '88), 

University Club, New Y'ork City. 
Asst. Constr. F. T. BOWLES, U. S. N. (Dec. 4, '82), 

Navy Department. 
Mr. G. L. BRADLEY (Mar. 5, '83), 

No. 2035 p St. 
Mr. LOUIS CABOT (Mar. 7, '87), 

Brookline, Mass. 
Mr. H. W. CANNON (Dec. 1, '84), 

Chase Nat'l Bank, New York City. 
Dr. THOMAS CRAIG (June 2, '79), 

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. 
Dr. M. A. CROCKETT (Jan. 14, '89), 

No. 130 Hodge Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Comdr. C. H. DAVIS, U. S. N. (Founder), 

No. 1705 Rhode Island Ave. 
Mr. THOMAS DONALDSON (June 2, '79), 

No. 326 N. Fortieth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 



JOHN W. DONN (Mar. 7, '87), 

U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 


E. M. DOUGLAS (Mar. 6, '87), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 


A. W. DRAKE (Dec. 1, '84), 

Century Co., New York City. 



U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 

Comdr. R. D. EVANS, U. S. N. (Nov. 5, '83), 

Navy Department. 


E. M. GALLAUDET (Founder), 

Kendall Green. 


F. D. GRANGER (Oct. 3, '81), 

U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 


E. H. GREEN, U. S. N. (June 4, '83), 

Navy Department. 


A. R. HART (Dec. 3, '83), 

No. 320 Pearl St., New York. 


C. G. HERNDON, U. S. N. (Jan. 24, '84), 

Navy Department. 

Comdr. F. J. h VINSON, U. S. N. (Mar. 5, '83) 

Navy Department. 


W. T. HILDRUP (Feb. 5, '83), 

Harrisburg, Pa. 


1. N. P. HILL (Mar. 5, '83), 

Denver, Col. 


T. STERRY HUNT (May 2, '87), 


Park Ave. Hotel, N. Y. City. 


D. L. HUNTINGTON, U. S. A. (Nov. 7, '81;, 

San Diego, Cal. 


C. G. KIDDER (June 4, '83), 

No. 32 Nassau St., New York. 


JOHN JAY KNOX (Founder), 

Bank of the Republic, New York. 


Dr. R. H. LAMBORN (May 5, '84), 

No. 32 Nassau St., New York. 
Mr. THOMAS LEE (Dec. 3, '88), 

Union Safe-Deposit Vaults, 

No. 40 State St., Boston, Mass. 
Lieut. S. C. LEMLY, U. S. N. (Dec. 5, '84), 

Navy Department. 
Capt. D. A. LYLE, U. S. A. (Apr. 4. '87), 

Boston, Mass. 
Pay Inspector GEO. A. LYON, U. S. N. 
(Mar. 4, '82) 

Portsmouth, N. H. 
Mr. J. D. McGUIRE (Jan. 14, '89), 

Ellicott City, Md. 
Prof. HENRY MITCHELL (Jan. n, '86), 

No. 18 Hawthorne St., Roxbury, Mass. 
Col. J. M. MORGAN (June 3, '89 \ 

Gaithersburg, Md. 
Dr. H. C. NELSON, U. S. N. (Feb. 5, '83), 

Westminster, Md. 

Mr. R. L. PACKARD (Founder), 

Houghton, Mich. 

Mr. R. A. F. PENROSE, Jr. (Feb. 4, '89), 

State Geological Survey, Little Rock, Ark. 
Mr. F. W. PERKINS (Mar. 7, '8i), 

U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 
Prof. RAPHAEL PUMPELLY (June 3, '89), 

Newport, R. I. 
Mr. MILES ROCK (Founder), 

No. 1430 Chapin St. 

Prof. N. S. SHALER (June 5, '85), 

Cambridge, Mass. 
Dr. R. W. SHUFELDT, U. S. A. (Oct. 3, '81), 

Takoma Park, D. C. 

4 2 

Mr. J. C. SINCLAIR (Nov. 3, '79), 

No. 506 North St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Mr. EDWIN SMITH (Founder), 

U. "S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 
Pay Inspector J. A. SMITH, U. S. N. (Founder), 

Navy Department. 
Mr. C. A. STETEFELDT (Feb. 4, '84), 

No. 18 Broadway, New York City. 
Mr. F. W. TAYLOR (Nov. r, '8o), 

Kingston, New Mexico. 
Comdr. H. C. TAYLOR, U. S. N. (Jan. 12, '80), 

Poughkeepsie, New York. 
Hon. W. L. TRENHOLM (Jan. 7, '87), 

No. 160 Broadway, New York. 
Mr. J. B. WEIR (Dec. 1, '84), 

U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 
Dr. C. H. WHITE, U. S. N., 

Care of N. B. Gilman, Bradford, Mass. 
Mr. J. A. WILLIAMSON (Dec. 6, '86), 

No. 1758 N St. 
Mr. II. M. WILSON (June 2, '84), 

U. S. Geological Survey. 

Cjctulord . 


IZZZI Syracuse. N. Y. 
Stockton, Calif. 

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